Automobili Pininfarina Creates Monterey Magic With Packed Programme of Events

Automobili Pininfarina Creates Monterey Magic With Packed Programme of Events

– Comprehensive programme of events in the US sees the Automobili Pininfarina Battista make its production-specification debut at Monterey Car Week

– The event also saw the first public appearance of the exclusive Battista Anniversario in the US, presented at The Quail and Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

– Monterey Car Week gave clients the first chance to experience Battista’s bespoke exterior soundscape, which takes inspiration from the organic sound of its electric motors

– Automobili Pininfarina announced its new partnership with BOVET 1822, with an exclusive preview of a unique timepiece to be revealed later this year

– The Battista was lined up alongside beautiful historic Pininfarina-designed icons in celebration of more than 90 years of exquisite, elegant design heritage

During one of the busiest and most significant periods yet in the life of Automobili Pininfarina, the production-specification of the Battista hyper GT made its world debut at Monterey Car Week on the roads of California as part of a series of events in the US.

The ultimate illustration of sustainable luxury and peerless design, the Battista’s dynamic debut also gave clients the first opportunity to experience its tailor-made exterior soundscape at the high-profile and exclusive showcase.

Automobili Pininfarina’s US programme of events additionally saw the exclusive Battista Anniversario make its US premiere, and the launch of a new partnership between the maker of the world’s first pure-electric luxury hyper GT and BOVET 1822.

Per Svantesson, CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, said: “The first production-specification Battista hit the ground running on its arrival in the US, not only with the overwhelmingly positive reactions from our clients, who were impressed by the exquisite and intricate detailing of the hyper GT, but quite literally as the car made its dynamic debut on the beautiful Californian roads. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved here in the US, honouring Pininfarina’s rich history, and Automobili Pininfarina’s bright, exciting future. We’re looking forward to making the first deliveries later this year, where our clients will enjoy the definitive expression of sustainability, luxury and exclusivity.”


The first production-spec Battista made its dynamic debut on the roads of California ahead of its arrival at Monterey Car Week. With Black Exposed Signature Carbon bodywork and Impulso forged aluminium alloy wheels, as well as a striking interior featuring optional Pilota seats finished in sustainable black leather and quilted Iconica Blu Alcantara upholstery, it took full advantage of Automobili Pininfarina’s recently announced bespoke personalisation service, which allows every Battista to be uniquely configured.

The final steps on the road to delivering the world’s first pure-electric hyper GT will continue later this month when a group of select clients will have the opportunity to drive the production-form Battista, experiencing the most powerful road-legal Italian car ever built both on track and on the road.


The unique exterior soundscape and ‘Pure Sound’ philosophy of the Battista was also revealed to clients. Curated for emotion and excitement while enhancing safety and driveability, the soundscape amplifies organic frequencies from the electric motors for an enthralling experience for both driver and onlookers.

The soundscape is inspired by the work of the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, in a similar way the Battista’s looks to Pininfarina’s Italian design heritage. The soundscape has a core frequency of 54 Hz which is a multiple of 432 Hz, known as ‘Verdi’s A,’ and is said to provide greater clarity and is easier on the ears than other frequencies. This delivers a pure sound that complements the Battista’s pure, elegant design philosophy.


The Battista Anniversario, an exclusive model limited to just five units worldwide, also made its US premiere at The Quail and Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

This ultra-rare model featured a bi-colour tinted Furiosa Pack comprising of a front splitter, side blades and rear diffuser, and caught the eyes of guests at the prestigious car show as it showcased the modern interpretation and result of Pininfarina’s heritage and innovation.


At an exclusive event during Monterey Car Week, Automobili Pininfarina and BOVET 1822 confirmed a new partnership which will see a ground-breaking timepiece unveiled later this year, in celebration of the Battista. The first image of the timepiece’s design was teased, showing the case back’s intricate detailing that mirrors the sculpted lines and body of the Battista when it is viewed from above.

The two luxury brands recognise shared values of precision, design, and handcraftsmanship, working together to magnify the legendary past of each House while proposing a shared vision of a more sustainable future.


At the 70th Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on 15 August, four special judging classes showcased and celebrated Pininfarina’s 91 years of iconic Italian design heritage. The exceptionally elegant pre-war Italian 1938 Lancia Astura Pinin Farina Cabriolet won the ‘Pinin Farina Prewar’ category, with the 1953 Lancia Aurelia Pinin Farina PF200 C Spider taking home first place in the ‘Pininfarina Postwar’ class with its iconic pronounced oval grille.

The winner of the ‘Pinin Farina Ferrari Early’ class was the 1953 Ferrari 375 America Pinin Farina Coupe, and the 1966 Ferrari 365 P Pininfarina Berlinetta Speciale, Ferrari’s first mid-engined V12 presented by Pininfarina, was named winner in the ‘Pininfarina Ferrari Late’ category.

Renowned Pininfarina designs also excelled within the event’s overall awards classes, including the aforementioned 1966 Ferrari 365 P Pininfarina Berlinetta Speciale also being recognised as one of three 2021 Best of Show Nominees.

The 1936 Lancia Astura Series III Tipo Bocca Pinin Farina Cabriolet also won ‘Most Elegant Convertible,’ with the classic 1956 Ferrari 410 Superamerica Superfast Pinin Farina Coupe Speciale being honoured the ‘Enzo Ferrari Trophy.’

Proud of the design legacy that inspired the hand-built Battista, Automobili Pininfarina Chief Design Officer, Luca Borgogno, joined the honorary panel of experts to judge the other classes at the event.

Luca Borgogno said: “Seeing the iconic Pininfarina designs of the past come together with the
pure-electric Battista on the lawn of the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance at a pivotal moment for Automobili Pininfarina, marked by the first drive of the production-spec Battista, was extraordinary. It’s clear that both old and new knowledge, from design to electric technology, have been combined to produce the hypercar of the future, the Battista, which is set to be the fastest and most powerful Italian sports car ever made, and that Automobili Pininfarina’s appearance at Monterey Car Week marked a revolution in automotive performance, design, technical collaboration and luxury.”

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The Battista will be the most powerful car ever designed and built in Italy and it will deliver a level of performance that is unachievable today in any road-legal sports car featuring internal combustion engine technology. Faster than a current Formula 1 race car in its 0 -100 km/h sub-two second sprint, and with 1,900 hp and 2,300 Nm torque on tap, the Battista will combine extreme engineering and technology in a zero emissions package. The Battista’s 120 kWh battery provides power to four electric motors – one at each wheel – with a simulated WLTP range of over 500 km (310 miles) on a single charge. No more than 150 Battistas will be individually hand-crafted at the Pininfarina SpA atelier in Cambiano, Italy.


Automobili Pininfarina is based in operational headquarters in Munich, Germany, with a team of experienced automotive executives from luxury and premium car brands. Designed, engineered and produced by hand in Italy, the Battista hyper GT and all future models will be sold and serviced in all major global markets under the brand name Pininfarina. The new company aims to be the most sustainable luxury car brand in the world.

The company is a 100 per cent Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd investment and has been named Automobili Pininfarina following the signing of a trademark licence agreement between Pininfarina S.p.A. and Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Pininfarina S.p.A. will take an influential role in supporting design and production capacities based on their unique 90-year experience of producing many of the world’s most iconic cars.

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