Giti Tire Selected as OE Tire for The New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Ora Goodcat

Giti Tire Selected as OE Tire for The New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Ora Goodcat

The New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Ora Goodcat was previewed in Thailand this February. The vehicle is a five-door hatchback with two battery capacities, offering 401 km and 501 km of claimed range. Standard charging takes eight hours, while fast charging from 30% to 80% levels can be completed in 30 minutes. A single-motor sends 145 PS and 210 Nm of torque to the front wheels. It also comes with semi-autonomous driving features, and its Driving, Safety and Parking includes a smart dodging function, collision warning, and memory parking.

With its commitment to sustainability in mind, Singapore-based Giti Tire is proud to announce its Original-Equipment (OEM) tire supply partnership with Ora Goodcat. Working with the newly launched vehicle, the new generation GitiComfort 225v1 from Giti Tire has proven to be an ideal choice for electric vehicles.

With the growing popularity of energy saving and green travel, NEVs have become increasingly popular with new car buyers. Starting in 2018, Giti Tire focused on AdvanZtech integrated globally, and established R&D modules for the two primary areas related to energy: green energy savings and smart innovation. The GitiComfort 225v1 is its highest achievement, equipped with cutting-edge technology as part of a new generation of green energy-saving products developed by Giti Tire.

Automotive companies select only the highest quality tire manufacturers, with an emphasis on performance and safety. Giti Tire has demonstrated its reliability and trust, being chosen by leading automakers around the world, including General Motors, VW, Renault and many others.

While NEVs perform better than conventional passenger cars, there are considerations to keep in mind. For example, their acceleration is faster than ordinary cars, as the torque is higher. Meanwhile, the drive will be quieter as it relies on battery pack, instead of a combustion engine. That puts extra weight and pressure on the tires, and only the best can adapt. The GitiComfort 225v1 uses a highly durable construction material, new tread technology, and special compounds to support the increased vehicle weight and safety during starting, accelerating, and braking. The tires also have sufficient grip and sensitive steering for both wet and dry environments.

Durability and battery range are also sources of concern. To maximize battery range, the rolling resistance of tires is a key factor. With the new low RR technology used in the GitiComfort 225V1, the thickness of its thread rubber is optimized, and tire heat generation is reduced. Ultimately, this reduces the car’s energy consumption and tire wear.

Giti Tire is proud to say that the GitiComfort 225V1 can meet the most stringent rolling resistance requirement by car makers.

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