Global Debut of SALOON Brand – GWM Becomes the Focus of Auto Guangzhou (GIAE) 2021

Global Debut of SALOON Brand – GWM Becomes the Focus of Auto Guangzhou (GIAE) 2021

On November 19, the SALOON brand of GWM made its global debut at the 19th GIAE, along with the first high-performance all-electric vehicle. Meanwhile, several new models of HAVAL, GWM pickup, TANK, etc. were also unveiled.

SALOON is an independent automobile company newly incubated by GWM. It intends to create a new subdivision of “Mecha Technology” and enter the luxury all-electric vehicle market. Its first luxury BEV, Jijialong, also appeared at the GIAE.

Jijialong is a medium-to-large coupe with a body length of 5.2m and an appearance resembling mechanical armour. Equipped with four lidars, it’s more intelligent to drive. It can be quickly charged with 800V/480kW power and reach a range of 401km in 10 minutes, with a maximum range of 802km when fully charged. Equipped with front and rear permanent magnet motors, it has a maximum power of 405kW, a maximum torque of 750N-m, and acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 3.7 seconds.

HAVAL unveiled various models, including the smart flagship SUV HAVAL Shenshou, HAVAL H6S, and the 3rd Gen HAVAL H6. HAVAL BIG DOG is also eye-catching with its innovative design. It has a square appearance with round headlights that is both stylish and retro. It has both great off-road capabilities and the comfort of an urban SUV. It is equipped with an intelligent all-wheel-drive system, two differential locks, and multiple driving modes such as sand, mud, and snow. It’s learned that HAVAL BIG DOG will go on sale in the Middle East by the end of the year.

Before the exhibition, GWM pickup achieved a milestone of global sales of more than 2 million. At the GIAE, Jingangpao, a commercial pickup truck built to global standards, attracted the most attention. It looks very stylish with its sleek lines and cool hubs. It has a length, width and height of 5,635/1,880/1,815 (1,840) mm and a wheelbase of 3,410mm. Equipped with a 2.0T diesel engine, it will achieve a maximum power of 122kW. Another concept car, super pickup, is also attractive. It is inspired by global Lowrider enthusiasts. It is designed in a HellaFlush style to cater to young users. There are also other types of pickup trucks in the exhibition area, showing GWM’s diversified design styles.

In addition, the second model of the TANK brand, TANK 500, opened for pre-sale at the GIAE. Models such as ORA Good Cat, ORA Baleimao and WEY Mocha PHEV and Maqiduo PHEV also attracted many visitors.

As Tony Sun, Deputy General Manager of GWM’s International Department, said, “The global mainstream consumer groups are gradually dominated by young people, and it’s inevitable to satisfy personalized aesthetic needs. To this end, GWM will continue to strengthen model innovation to provide global users with more diversified choices. “

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Caption – GWM unveils new vehicles at the GIAE

Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest