Well-known aftermarket automotive parts distribution groups in Southeast Asia and TecAlliance jointly working on digitalization of aftermarket supply chain in the region

Well-known aftermarket automotive parts distribution groups in Southeast Asia and TecAlliance jointly working on digitalization of aftermarket supply chain in the region

The first seminar on Southeast Asia Strategic Alliance for Automotive Aftermarket Digitalization proposed by TecAlliance was successfully held online.

Together with AAC of Thailand, Solid Automotive of Malaysia, SB (Sumber Berkat) Group of Indonesia and CassTime Technology, a well-known e-commerce platform in China, TecAlliance has explored a strategic alliance for aftermarket supply chain digitalization. TecAlliance’s TecDoc standard data will be used as the integration linkage for supply base and customer base from AAC, Solid Automotive and SB Group. Casstime’s e-platform will be the essential technology to enable a marketplace for the supply base and customer base in SEA region, helping AAC, Solid Automotive and SB Group enhance the efficiency (online-offline) to serve the full eco-system of parts distribution from manufacturers, brand owners, distributors, retailers to workshops.

During the seminar, Mr. Matthias Moritz, Managing Director of TecAlliance Asia Pacific, introduced the footprint of TecAlliance in the Asia Pacific region. Ms. Zhong Weijia gave a specific presentation to the audience about TecAlliance’s digital Warranty & Returns system, while Mr. Marcus Koh, responsible for products & data, introduced an e-catalogue solution for the Southeast Asia market, using TecDoc Web Catalogue customized for AAC as an example to show to all participants.

AAC, Solid Automotive and SB then introduced their current supply base and customer network base. They also discussed some pain points in the aftermarket distribution and explored solutions with digitalization. CassTime shared its proven e-platform technology, which could be a good digitalization choice for SEA region.

Mr. Teerapot from AAC, who is responsible for vehicle product, data and catalogue, explained: “Currently, the main pain point is how to support customers to find the parts they want through different searching methods in a fast and accurate way. And this is exactly the strength of TecAlliance.” General Manager of AAC Mr. Pornsak added: “We want to understand more about Warranty & Returns system. The system can not only further regularize the whole warranty process, but also significantly reduce the time cost for our customers.”

“The traditional auto parts industry needs better ways to exchange information and link with each other, and we are also looking for more digital solutions that will work for us.” Added by Mr. Donald Tan from Malaysia’s Solid Automotive.

Mr. Juan Delano from SB Group said excitedly: “In today’s competitive market and pandemic situation, we have always been exploring better ways for parts distribution,  hoping to find a proper digital and e-platform solution to transform our business, which should be an e-platform marketplace that is designed for professional aftermarket parts search, buy, and delivery services.”

“We appreciated TecAlliance for exploring potential partners from Southeast Asia, which will bring our technology to be deployed in overseas regions.” Mr. Chen, co-founder of CassTime, commented.  

TecAlliance, founded in Germany back in year 1994, is committed to providing standardized data and data standardization services to automotive aftermarket, with its TecDoc Standard becoming the universally acknowledged data standard in the global auto parts aftermarket industry. TecAlliance has been providing vehicle & parts data and comprehensive solutions to various local markets with its own global experiences.

Automotive Asiatic (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (AAC) is the top aftermarket automotive parts distribution company established in 1997, serving 3000+ customers with more than 50 major international branded products.

Solid Automotive is the top aftermarket parts manufacturing and distribution group in Malaysia established 40 years ago, with a customer base of 6000 in Malaysia and its products being exported to more than 30 countries.

SB (Sumber Berkat) Group, established in 1971, is a top aftermarket distribution group with 20 subsidiary companies, distributing most of the major international spare parts branded products in Indonesia.

Casstime, established in 2015 in Shenzhen, is the leading e-platform marketplace technology developer and operator for aftermarket parts industry. Solutions also include SaaS for distributors and workshops, and a logistic platform.

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