Chery to enter the Thai market with its current highest quality products

Chery to enter the Thai market with its current highest quality products

In November 2021, Chery released the OMODA5, the first model of the new-generation design concept ART IN MOTION at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China, which is expected to be launched to global markets including Asia, South America, Australia, and Europe by 2022. At the beginning of development, OMODA 5 was designed to meet the five global crash standards, and is equipped with a variety of powertrains and driving methods including various new energy forms. In addition, Chery has established a global unified standard production management system – CPS (Chery Production System), and has maintained close cooperation with world-class suppliers to realize the positive development of the entire vehicle performance process.

In addition, in this year’s “20th Anniversary Summit Forum of Chery Automobile’s Overseas Development”, the OMODA 5’s 64km/h, 40% overlapping deformable barrier offset collision test was broadcast live. After the collision, the A-pillar was not deformed and the front and rear doors were normal. Open. Of course, this is just a microcosm of the development and testing system for new cars that meet global crash standards. Chery invests real money in more than 300 real vehicle collisions and more than 500 simulated collisions with trolleys every year, creating its own hard-core quality and good reputation.

Chery has always been committed to the development of the right-hand drive market. Thailand, as the leading market in the right-hand drive region, will also become one of the countries that Chery will focus on entering with the highest quality products.

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Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest