OMODA 5: The era of creating an ecological circle belonging to global users is coming

OMODA 5: The era of creating an ecological circle belonging to global users is coming

On February 8, 2022, the world’s first Chery OMODA 5 officially reveal from the production line at Chery headquarters. This crossover SUV full of future technology is designed for the young users around the world.

OMODA 5 has five global genes including global r&d, global standard, global quality, global name and global launch, which achieves the highest five-star standards of EU E-NCAP, Australia A-NCAP, China C-NCAP, Southeast Asian ASEAN-NCAP and Central and South American L-NCAP. In terms of body size, length, width and height of the OMODA 5 are 4400/1830/1588mm, with 2630mm wheelbase. It is positioned as a B+ SUV segmentation.

For the Thai market, it will launch a RHD BEV vehicle model with a range of more than 500km, L2+ autonomous driving and rich ADAS safety configuration.

OMODA is not only by considering as a car, but also a new interpretation of the user’s lifestyle. It wants to create a trip mode beyond the traditional. When you get off from frustrate work at the end of the day, OMODA 5 driverless turn on, easy to take you home; When you want to join a friend’s party, you can one-touch car-hailing at a designated location at a designated time and start the party. OMODA 5 can be your own conference room when you need an impromptu work meeting. OMODA will fully focus on the user’s life scene, extending from the vehicle itself to every aspect of life, and customize a series of OMODA products and services for customers, so that users can reach the convenient life brought by science and technology.

If you become a member of OMODA community, welcome to participate in OMODA themed road trip, E-sports competition, sports competitions, the street fashion show where the owner can be a model and other activities. At the same time, OMODA will continue to enrich the product ecology, create a batch of OMODA 5 technology products, gifts and all kinds of OMODA co-branded derivative. OMODA will extend the ecosystem from users to products and derivatives to create a new car experience for user.

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Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest