Chery’s Surging Power Train Framework Exerts Strength in this Era of New Energy

Chery’s Surging Power Train Framework Exerts Strength in this Era of New Energy

In this global context of new energy, Chery will extend 4.0 Era All-Domain Power Architecture and make use of its powertrain development system which covers traditional engines, dedicated hybrid engines and transmissions, and electric vehicles to launch more new products to maintain its edge.

Maintaining Momentum in Hybrid Technology Development

On May 18, 2021, Chery officially turned out the “World First” all-functional, DHT dedicated hybrid transmission. This product is the first among Chinese brands to have adopted dual motors, delivers 9 all-functional working modes, offers 11 gear combinations (the most gears in the world) and is equipped with TSD twin shaft drive that delivers a smoother driving experience.

On February 25, 2022, the “new-type, cost-effective, passenger car powertrain development & vehicle integration” project, a national key R&D project headed by Chery Automobile, passed project acceptance in Wuhu, China. The achievement of the project, Chery’s first generation, dedicated hybrid transmission 3DHT125, is already installed in TIGGO 8 Pro e+ and was officially launched in China.

On March 5, 2022, Chery’s DHE “dedicated hybrid engine development” project, another national key R&D project, passed the appraisal of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the jury of experts for project acceptance. This hybrid engine project focuses on research of high compression ratio deep Miller cycle and high lean-burn combustion and provides Chery’s mass production engines (G4 and G5) with powerful technical support.

Upgrading New Energy Electric and Hydrogen Power

As a matter of fact, Chery makes more than fuel engines and hybrid powertrains in its power matrix. At the World Manufacturing Convention 2019, Chery exhibited its third-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with 30kW fuel cell stacks, which can be topped up with hydrogen in 3 minutes and run for more than 700 kilometers.

In electric control systems, Chery has acquired the ability to develop an ECU engine control unit, HCU hybrid control unit and MCU motor control unit. In the development of power system core parts and components for electric vehicles, Chery has deployed resources on IGBT, SiC IC, MCU, motors and solid-state batteries.

Chery 4.0 Era All-Domain Power Architecture covers fuel, hybrid, electric and hydrogen energy, and is basically every possible roadmap known for automobile power technologies in the next 30 years are included.

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Caption – Chery’s application of hybrid technologies in its products

Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest