GWM Holds All NEV Experience Event to Display Its New Energy Strategy

GWM Holds All NEV Experience Event to Display Its New Energy Strategy

Recently, GWM held a global media experience event on its new energy products in Baoding, China. The event demonstrated its commitment to electrification as well as its brand value of “Go With More” with series of new energy intelligent products to be launched.

GWM invited hundreds of media and distributors from over 60 countries and regions to experience its intelligent new energy vehicles and technologies. GWM’s testing ground, as one of the most advanced automotive testing grounds in Asia, boasts hundreds of high-standard pavements, including high-speed rings, dynamic squares, and test hills. This allows the testing ground to fulfill the rigorous testing requirements for all types of vehicle models.

GWM provided media and distributors with models from different sub-brands, including HAVAL’s new medium new energy SUV, HAVAL H6 PHEV, GWM TANK500 PHEV, POER Shanhai HEV, and ORA 07.

GWM HAVAL’s new medium new energy SUV (internal code B07, dubbed “Fierce Dragon MAX in Chinese market”), is launched as a new energy intelligent family SUV. With a wheelbase of 2.8 meters, the model features a superb space expansion capability, which can fulfill users’ needs for family trips. In terms of power, it is GWM’s first model equipped with Hi4 (Hybrid intelligent 4WD) technology, reaching a balance between high performance and low fuel consumption.

ORA 07, positioned as a super-streamlined pure electric coupe, boasts a fastback design. The super streamlined aesthetic design showcases a modernized gracefulness combining sporty and fashionable styles. As for the interior details, a great number of eco-friendly materials are used for the model, bringing an impressive coziness and a sense of delicacy to the driver and riders.

After the activity, the media and distributors hailed GWM’s technological innovation, product quality, and vehicle performance. A participant commented that GWM has showcased exceptional performance in the development of electrification and the activity showed the strength and advanced technologies of GWM.

The event presented a unique opportunity to manifest GWM’s dedication to electrification and sustainable development in the automotive industry. GWM has been rolling out new technologies and models, marking its full-speed advancement toward the new energy transformation. This is aligned with its R&D concept of “precise input in pursuit of industry leadership”.

Last year, GWM invested CNY 12.181 billion in R&D, up 34.34% on a year-on-year basis. By 2025, GWM’s total R&D expense will exceed CNY 100 billion. These figures are a testament to GWM’s persistence in driving intelligent new energy transformation through innovative technology.

GWM has established a comprehensive matrix of new energy products with varied power forms, including HEV, PHEV, and EV, across the globe. Moving forward, GWM remains dedicated to updating its line of new energy products worldwide with the vision of providing users with even more high-quality and intelligent options.

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Caption – GWM Holds All NEV Experience Event to Display Its New Energy Strategy

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