AION Goes Global With Thailand Overseas Debut

AION Goes Global With Thailand Overseas Debut

On June 28, 2023, witnessed by several officials including a leader of China’s Guangdong Provincial Government, China’s Ambassador to Thailand, and the Mayor of Bangkok, AION signed their first memorandum of understanding for business cooperation with Thailand’s GOLD INTEGRATE.

The agreement covers the establishment of a Southeast Asian HQ for AION, as an AION subsidiary in Thailand which will work closely with the country’s top automobile distributor to organize supplying the Thai market.

Win-Win: AION’s International Layout

This new Thailand HQ is a crucial part of AION’s internationalization strategy, aimed at win-win cooperation with host countries.

Thailand is the largest automobile manufacturer and exporter in Southeast Asia. It is also the region’s largest electric vehicle market, with the EV industry supported by positive government policies such as tax and fee reductions, consumer cash subsidies, and investment support. All of these factors make Thailand an attractive location for investment and HQ.

AION will be able to swiftly bring its cut-above technology to Thai consumers, introducing a steady supply of exciting, top-tier models that have proven highly popular among Chinese and international buyers. At the same time, future expansion of sales outlets and more localized production will boost local employment and economic growth.

The HQ will serve as a base for AION’s Southeast Asian business, providing a fully-equipped on-the-ground contact point, and playing a core supporting role for any further expansion.

Confidence Comes From Proven Results

As the strategic core carrier for GAC Group’s intelligent new energy vehicles, in just 5 years, AION has built an average annual compound growth rate of over 120%. In 2022, sales volume reached 271,200 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 126%, with annual revenues of 38.7 billion yuan ($5.3bn).

The enterprise has, so far, built six world-class smart pure electric vehicles, including the AION S, V and Y, all of which have ranked among the global top three of their class in terms of sales. The AION LX has broken multiple industry ceilings, with a world-class EV battery range of 1,008km; while the AION Hyper SSR achieved an incredible acceleration capacity of 0-100kmph in just 1.9 seconds – neck and neck with a Tesla Roadster.

As a result, AION has earned a worldwide reputation as new energy vehicle pioneer, as well as a representative pioneer of China’s new “four modernizations” transformation.

With a future in mind as a world-class brand, GAC AION is set for success in Southeast Asia and beyond.

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Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest