Okuma Corporation Launches New Horizontal Machining Center MA-8000H

Okuma Corporation Launches New Horizontal Machining Center MA-8000H

Okuma Corporation has developed the new MA-8000H Horizontal Machining Center with a pallet size of 800 x 800 mm. Equipped with extensive power-saving functions and eco-friendly technologies that operate autonomously without human intervention, this new product strongly supports user efforts to decarbonize.

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Okuma would like to introduce three features of the MA-8000H.

1. Autonomously achieves energy savings without human intervention
Okuma’s Proprietary technology Thermo-Friendly Concept allows the machine to autonomously maintain stable accuracy without requiring specific measures against thermal deformation that accompany excessive power consumption, and “ECO suite plus” Next-Generation Energy-Saving System “knows, analyzes and reduces” CO2 emissions of each device.

2. Sharply boosts labor productivity by strengthening automation responsiveness and reliability to support long periods of stable operation
The number of hydraulic and pneumatic supply ports to fixtures that automatically clamp workpieces has increased to 16 ports on the setup station and 7 ports on the workspace area (optional). (Conventional type: 4 ports) This makes it possible to respond to robotic multiple-task attachment and removal and avoid collision between the tool and the fixture during fixture operations in the workspace area. Sludgeless Tank (optional) automatically and efficiently retrieves coolant sludge and drastically reduces the frequency of coolant tank cleaning. Sludge retrieval rate from castings is 99%. No cleaning of coolant tank for three years, no coolant replacement for three years (data gleaned from in-house equipment).

3. Further improves production capacity to process large components with enhanced basic capabilities
While the machining area was expanded by 27% by extending all the travel of X, Y and Z axes by 100 mm, realizing the installation floor space of 95.5%, as compared with the conventional type.

Order acceptance: Orders will be accepted from January 2022.

About Okuma Corporation
Okuma is a comprehensive machine tool manufacturer which produces not only lathes, machining centers, multitasking machines and grinders, but also control systems and peripheral equipment. Through total consistent “monozukuri” (manufacturing) service, Okuma aspires to contribute to the business of customers throughout the world who create value, and thus bring happiness to all people who journey together with Okuma.

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